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With an all to familiar story, today we sat down and talked to Tony H. about his experience with Bethany Soup and Prayer Kitchen…

Interviewer:Tell me a little about your life that lead you to use our soup kitchen.

Tony H.: I was an alcoholic for over 15 years. I was homeless, sleeping on the streets and in abandoned houses. My life felt hopeless.

Interviewer: So how did you come to use Bethany’s Soup & Prayer Kitchen?

Tony H.: I was hungry! lol

Interviewer: Did the soup kitchen do anything else for you?

Tony H.: The people here gave me hope. Beside feeding me, they talked to me and listened. They told me about resources available to help get me on my feet. They really cared about me.

Interviewer: Tell a little about your life now?

Tony H.: I’m doing good. As of Jan. 31st I’ll be “HomeBlessed”  for 3 years. Sometimes I come to services and sit in the back. I know as long as I do what I’m supposed to do I’ll be fine. It’s a lot of work sometimes but it’s worth it.

Interviewer: What would you want to tell others about the Bethany Soup and Prayer Kitchen.

Tony H.: I’d tell them that no matter how hopeless they feel there’s people that truly care about you and want to help.

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